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GoPro videos
The Monster Hunter web series
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*Featured on Nat Geo Wild’s The Monster Project  - Episode “Chupacabra” 2013
*Accepted into Italy’s Pentedattilo Film Festival 2013  
*My Video Award finalist – Australian Art Sales 2013 
*Once a Week Online Film - Audience Winner - Dec 2012 
*South Texas Underground Film Festival  2012– screened 9 films in showcase  
*Winner Kidd Kraddick in The Morning Show ‘s MTV Movie Awards 2012 video contest  
*Blue Ocean Film Festival 2012, Monterey, CA – honorable mention 
*Screened multiple films at San Antonio Film Festival 2011-2014
*48 Hour Film Experience 2012 – Best Actor 
*Summer Remake Challenge 2011 and 2012 – 1st Place 
*Recognized by KLUP Radio as a “San Antonio Rising Star” 2012
*Short Shorts Festival  2011 - Audience Award 
*48 Hour Film Project  2011 - Best Of Screening 
*Semi-Finalist for Ridley Scott’s Life In A Day *YouTube project 2011 – screened at Sundance Film Festival 
*Savannah College of Art and Design Best Screenwriting Nomination 2010 
*LA New Filmmakers Film Festival 2010, Los Angeles, CA
*Screened two films at SCAD - Lacoste France Vernissage Art Festival  2009
*SA CURRENT, San Antonio, TX – Best Music Video of 2009
*BYOF Festival 2008, Savannah, GA – 1st Place Award

JoBlo's The Marvel Minute

*Official selection at Alamo City Film Festival 2016
*Accepted into Hong Kong World International Film Festival 2016
*Semi Finalist - C & C Film Festival, Croatia 2016
*Accepted into Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne, Australia 2016 
*Accepted into Art All Night - Trenton Film Festival, New Jersey 2016
*Ekurhuleni International Fim Festival-EIFF in South Africa 2016 
*Screened at INDEP Arts and Film Festival at Rialto Santikos 2016 
*Accepted into C&C Film Festival in Croatia 2016
*Accepted into Goldensun Short Film Festival 2016
*Accepted into Lilliputian Film Festival, St. Louis, Missouri 2016 
*Accepted into the Comic Animals Film Festival - 2016
*Accepted into NuKhu Film Festival, New York 2016
*Accepted into Wiper Film Festival, New York 2016
*Accepted into NanoCon Science Fiction Film Festival 2016
*Best Editing at 3MT Digital Film Festival, Tomball, TX 2016
*1st Place Winner San Antonio Neighborhood Film Project 2015 – East Side “MLK documentary”
*Accepted into The Brooklyn Underground Film Festival 2014

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​​Taylor Trash Productions Inc. has been widely recognized around the world for their short satirical films, dramatic documentaries on social issues, riveting music videos and thought provoking animations. Their cinematic mission is to provide the world with images and stories that will inspire greatness and make faces explode with comical comedic comedy.


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